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We use MilgardĀ® Home Windows – Create a beautiful home with high quality, energy efficient windows. Enjoy windows and patio doors built for long lasting comfort. Whatever your project calls for, we offer the right product to beautifully reflect your vision.

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Window Frame Materials

A well-crafted frame can make all the difference in your window performance.

Vinyl Windows


Vinyl frames are known for being energy efficient due to their ability to trap air.

In addition to their insulating properties, vinyl frames are UV resistant, require little maintenance and are generally more affordable than other frame materials. Commonly used for retrofit.

Fiberglass Windows


Fiberglass is an innovative option that resists swelling, rotting and warping.

They are exceptionally strong, low-maintenance and ideal for any style of home or climate. This is a beautiful option that is long lasting and durable.

Aluminum Windows


Aluminum is a recognized and established frame material that residential architects and builders love.

Light yet strong, aluminum windows can be configured into a wide variety of combinations. They are low maintenance and best for non-corrosive environments.

Window Operating Styles

The way a window operates can provide a room with the right amount of light and air flow. Take time to envision how you want your window to open and what it can help you achieve throughout your home.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal Sliding

Horizontal sliding windows are a common style that is very easy to use.

The sash slides either to the left or right, depending on where you wish to direct the air flow in the room. If you are considering larger window sizes, sliders are a good option.

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung

For single hung windows, the bottom sash slides up and down to open and close the window.

The top sash stays in place and allows light to enter the home, but not air flow. Because they open vertically, they save space when the house exterior faces a patio or walking path.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung

With double hung windows, both the top and bottom sash operate.

They offer the same space saving convenience of a single hung window. They have an added bonus of being easy to clean because the sashes tilt inward. This can be helpful if the window is on a second story.

Casement Windows


Casement windows have a hinge on one side and open outward by rotating a crank style handle.

Because they open like a door, they allow the maximum amount of ventilation into the home where airflow is desired. They offer an unobstructed view, because there is no rail in the center.

Awning Windows


With an awning window, the sash is hinged at the top and swings upward.

This allows air to flow into the home with side to side ventilation, while also helping to keep the rain out. This style of window tends to be smaller in size and is often wider than it is tall.

Picture Windows


Picture windows provide an unobstructed view to the outside for the maximum amount of daylight to flood your home.

Picture windows are fixed and do not open making them ideal for rooms in need of natural lighting.

Double Horizontal Slider

Double Slider

Double Horizontal Slider windows allow air to flow into your home from both sides with two, separate, operable panels.

If your window opening is large, sliding windows are a great solution for both increased daylight and ventilation. Great for retrofit or new home construction projects.

Radius Windows


Radius windows are arched or rounded at the top, bringing softness to the hard corners of a room.

This window style can also include full circles, half circles or arch shapes. Choose from operable or picture window possibilities.

Bay and Bow

Bay and Bow

Bay windows are three or more windows of varying widths that angle out from the wall. Bow windows are four or more equal size panels that form a curved shape.

Combine them with Tuscany Series casements or single hung windows for increased daylight or ventilation.